Arthur Strout


Arthur Strout has been playing piano and writing lyric; his music skill and writing lyric are beyond today's fast faze. Arthur has played with the likes of "Hall and Oates," "Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)," "Duran Duran," "Outcast," ABC band, "Flock of Seagulls," and so many, many more. He is a concert pianist, and has played on over 89 albums worldwide and still sits in on recording sessions with friends and clients. He is known for his fast fingers and quick-fix-notes. Arthur loves to write and co-write with many other artists, and over the years he has earned the respect of music artists and writers throughout the industry. Arthur is also a consultant and executive producer with Flat Rock Motion Pictures, and is going to produce a series of documentary films and television projects focused on the people and places behind popular music. He believes, what makes the song is the melody, lyric, and someone to sell it to the world. The song has to tell a story: everyone has a story!

When I heard about the World Peace For Animals music fundraising project...it seemed to be something that I wanted to do. The animals need help from humankind: emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, and monetarily. What better way to fundraise for animals than through songs that tell their story.

"The Robin's Nest," is a song that I previously composed, and I felt that it was a perfect fit for "World Peace For Animals." I actually observed the "Robin's" family role-playing from the beginning: building their nest, and the nurturing of both parents and their shared responsibilities.

The nest is that comfort of their home that I sing about. Life should be easy...and sometimes the human species complicates it. A few lyric reveals many messages," Just walk easy in this life, forget all your pain...," and "You and I know you have to let things go, that the balance of life, reach out and bless your soul...." The animals are all endangered in one way or another; pay attention to their messages before it's too late!

The Robin's Nest