Bill Dann


Bill Dann is a native of Central PA. (State College area) as well as a long time radio show host/program director/music director. His passion for music runs deep, as he became hooked around the time the Beatles landed in America. Bill's knack for writing songs started about 10 years ago when he met Jack Servello. To date, they have teamed up for over fifty songs, and some have garnered National recognition. Bill is honored that one of their songs is being included in this animal awareness compilation.

I have always been an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves. My major pet peeve is those individuals who harm animals in any way, and I cannot simply stand by without expressing myself. Jack and I have written a couple of songs regarding the ethical treatment of animals, including the one, "Can't Imagine Heaven," for the World Peace For Animal project. We also composed a summer (heat-related) companion piece called "All Chained Up (With No Place to Go)." Using our God-given talents has proven an effective way of getting our message heard.

I wrote the lyrics to "Just A Warmer Place to Rest" after being outraged by a local resident whose cold hearted neglect allowed his dog to freeze to death while chained outside in sub-zero temperatures. I recall being so angry that it took me a couple of days to calm down enough to lay down lyrics. I pulled no punches and said what needed to be said. Jack then worked out a fitting melody with emotional vocals. Looking back, it was the least that I could do for that poor defenseless animal.

Though it may be clichéd, my wish is for a world that would learn to live and let live. Animals were put here for a reason, and we must be good stewards at seeing that they are not harmed. We should be able to co-habitat in harmony with a respect for their presence. I believe that you can tell a lot about someone's true character by the way they treat animals.


Can't Imagine Heaven