Gerald Hershberger


Gerald Hershberger was born on the 13th of May, 1956 in Royal Oak, Michigan and grew up in Troy, Michigan, a then rural suburb of Detroit. This had a huge influence on his musical style, being exposed to Motown, Blues, Rock, R&B, and yes lots of Jazz. Gerald had formal training and studied voice throughout his life and was in many choirs. This led to a good-will-tour with his high school ensemble in Germany and the Netherlands in 1972 during the summer Olympics, in Berlin and Amsterdam. He moved to the Hampton Roads area in 1975 where he presently resides. Gerald would best describe himself as a singer and songwriter, as well as a performing artist. He wrote his first Blues tune when he was twelve. He still writes prolifically and will continue to do so. He enjoys expressing his work, to the glory of God, for the benefit of others and has had some success in doing so.

I am at great peace, collaborating with the, "World Peace For Animals," project with the song I wrote, "Take Me Home." My purpose in writing this song is to bring awareness to the fact that all life is connected at a core level of heart called love. When we violate this essence in any way, we violate ourselves. So, I vicariously became the abandoned "pet" the best I could, while telling his story, and perhaps in some way yours and mine, in the hope that it will touch the listener at that very core of our communion, love.

I do love animals. They are everything we should be and truly are. We need to look at the heart of the matter-which is the innocence of the creatures-we all were and essentially still are. Yet, we have become detached from this essence: our communion with them, with nature, and even our very own planet. I pray that my humble offering will be of benefit to the, "World Peace For Animals," family and their most noble and compassionate work, for the well being of our precious animals! Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of this great work of love. As a final note, I must mention that I believe this to be by far the best song I have ever written, as well as one of my finest performances-I hope you love it as I do.

I'm so very grateful and honored in taking part in the, "World Peace For Animals," project! Regardless of who or what we are in this life, or to what circle we may associate with-one thing, differing yet the same, is the reality that we co-inhabit a planet wherein all living organisms rely on one another for their contiguous existence and overall well being. Our Creator has given humanity a unique power and responsibility in this process as caregivers. This is most evident in our ability to eradicate and exploit other species of life as well as one other, often resulting in the permanent and irrevocable destruction of our shared environment forever.

Take Me Home