Harambe & Friends

100% profit will be donated to Animal Rescue Organizations

Twenty seven incredibly talented animal-loving-artists created eighteen heartfelt songs in various genres with the soul intention to raise funds, consciousness, and compassion through divinely powerful music. Many artists on the CD have been very successful in the music-biz with various hit songs. Some have won Hall of Fame Awards, some are mega-award-winners, and some are nationally acclaimed musicians. The intention of these talented artists was to give back to the animals in memory of Harambe, the Gentle Giant. We cannot turn back the hands of time, but we can continue to honor him: IN THE SPIRIT OF LOVE!


1. Harambe
2. As Within So Without
3. Winged Lovers
4. The Robin's Nest
5. Grandmother's Moonchild
6. Buffalo
7. Sundown
8. These Words Spoken
9. MAFIS SONG Song of the Moon Bear
10. Stop The Madness Now
11. On the Wings of Love
12. Peace No More
13. Runs Like Thunder
14. What In The World
15. I Found My Paradise
16. Cant Imagine Heaven
17. Unconditional Love
18. Take Me Home