Jack Servello


Jack Servello is a songwriter, singer, and guitarist in Pennsylvania and has been creating and playing music for over 45 years! He co-writes songs with Bill Dann who writes lyrics, and then Jack brings the song to life. When he met Bill it was nothing short of an act of God. They began writing songs together in December of 2008, and to date, Jack and Bill have written over 40 songs. His family group "The Servello Family" has appeared for many years at Lakemont Park for the Holiday Lights on the Lake. One of their songs reached over 24,000 views on Youtube and was featured on the Travel Channel program called "Paranormal Paporazzi!" Bill and Jack have been interviewed for many newspapers and magazines, and also on radio and television, and they have had several notable songs, including "Heroes Close To Home," (which was made into a live action video with Jack and Bill in it) and "Marsha The Marshmallow Peep."

I love animals and have four cats. I believe that animals should be treated well, and sometimes I feel angry at how some people treat their pets!

The song, "Can't Imagine Heaven," reminds me that even when we care for our pets properly, sometimes they just don't live as long as we do. It's sad to lose a pet, and this is what our song is about-remembering the good times and knowing that our pets will be waiting for us in Heaven when we pass on.

Be kind to animals, treat them well, and let them feel your love, but mostly do whatever you can to make their life as good as yours!


Can't Imagine Heaven