Jay Brown


Aditi Sethi and Jay Brown have been singing and performing since they were children. They grew up playing folk guitar with their parents and have continued to pursue a career in music as singer-songwriters and roots musicians. Their musical interests carried Jay to Ghana where he studied African rhythms and singing, and to India where he traveled with his wife, Aditi. Aditi, grew up learning devotional and folk Indian music from her grandparents from India and continued to accompany and perform with her father throughout childhood. More recently, she has been studying Indian devotional and classical music with her guru, Krishna Kant Shukla, who lives in Varnasi, India. Aditi and Jay pull together their eclectic backgrounds to create an original sound when they formed the band, Shantavaani. They deeply honor the traditions they've studied and hope that this convergence of musical traditions can facilitate not only entertainment but also enrichment for the soul.

We became involved with the World Peace For Animals project when Lois invited us to participate. She needed one more song completed and asked if we would be interested in singing about the wolves in a song entitled, "Grandmother's Moonchild." We loved the lyric and the music, and it all came together so perfectly. We enjoy making a difference in the lives of animals and humans, and this is such a wonderful cause!

"Grandmother's Moonchild" is about honoring Great-Spirit-God and all Creation with prayers to end the unnecessary devastation to the earth, and to end the struggles for wolves in hopes for an awakened consciousness so they may have a brighter future.

We feel that all living beings should be treated with respect and kindness and we are all in this web of life together-as the Oneness of the One and the Allness of the All!


Grandmother's Moonchild