John Heinrich


John Heinrich was born in Poughkeepsie, NY but lived most of my life in Lexington, KY. He came to Nashville in 1985 after several years living abroad playing with groups in Europe. Currently he is working with Ronnie Milsap playing Steel Guitar, Saxophone, and Dobro. John is a thirty year member of Local 257, The Nashville Association of Musicians. He has worked live or recorded with artists, TG Sheppard, Barry Gibb, Percy Sledge, Stella Parton, Nokie Edwards, DJ Fontana, and Steve Lukather. The best session John played Sax on, was for "Jack Cowboy Clement" who featured Louis Armstrong as the singer, and featured John and Wayne Jackson of the "Memphis Horns," and also artists Merle Haggard, Glen Campbell, Crystal Gayle, and Hank Williams, Jr. He is endorsed by the EXCEL Pedal Steel, The CAIN Dobro and Morrell Lap Steel Company.
He has just finished a CD project called "3 Faces" which can be found at, www.cdbaby.com/cd/johnheinrich2

My involvement with World Peace For Animals, as a fundraising project is the right thing to do. Animals cannot speak for themselves, and therefore the human race needs to respect their place on this earth, as it's not only about us, it's about everything on this planet, and from time to time the animals need our assistance-this truth is self evident.

The decline of the Wild Mustangs is unfortunately, just one more of the many cries. I am hopeful that people would respond more, and hopefully this song, "Runs Like Thunder," will speak to more than a few hearts, as this is a very noble song.

You would think that by now after all the negative things that humanity has gone through itself, that they would not be blind-sighted to the inhumane treatment of animals. There are some people that are not blind, but there are far too many that don't see or chose not to see. In my opinion, the problem is the "Human Factor," just offering to feed the animals, and trying to find homes for the homeless animals, is just a bandage on the real problem, and that problem being, that humans allow these problems to happen, and this is where the emphasis needs to be corrected. If humanity does not face what's going on and turn their heads because they don't want to see the reality of the situation, then things by and large will never change. In order to get to the point where people stop treating animals inhumanely, the horrors of this kind of treatment must be faced square on. Together, we can end the evil that lurks in the background, including those with the big bucks, who think they have the right to murder animals.


Runs Like Thunder