Keith Secola


Keith Secola is an award-winning figure in contemporary Native American music. He is an Ojibwa with the Anishinabe tribe born in Cook, Minnesota (1957). Keith Secola plays guitar, flute, and also sings. In 1982 he graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in American Indian Studies. He has a band that's had the names: the "Wild Band of Indians," "The Wild Javelinas," and "Wild Onions." His influences include reggae, folk music, and rock and roll. He also has been involved in activism working with Irene Bedard on environmental and Native American rights concerns. He has also contributed music to documentary films. His most recent award is "best artist" at the 2006 Native American Music Awards for the album, "Native Americana." His most notable movie score was, "NDN Kars" for the popular native film, "Dance Me Outside."

Keith is an accomplished artist, garnering awards and accolades as a musician, a singer, a songwriter, a composer, and a producer. A seven-time Native American Music Award winner, he has earned NAMMYs not only for his music, but also his abilities as a producer, to include "The Best Linguistic Recording" for producing "Anishinabbemoina" (2007). Keith is a well respected musician; he has worked with music legends such as Mickey Hart of the "Grateful Dead."

I was invited to the "World Peace For Animals" music project, and I knew that I needed to be involved because the animals really rely on all the help they can get from humankind, including compassion. I was grateful to give my Buffalo song to raise funds for the Buffalo Nation. I have a very strong connection to the animals-the teachings from the animals-this is what my Lakota people have passed down to the children.

My song, "Buffalo," was already created and Lois suggested a revision with English translation. I thought that was a good idea, and my friend Christian Leefeldt was honored to do this, so my spoken words would be heard. We believe that the Buffalo will return as children-this is the prophecy of the Lakota people-to teach the Buffalo's way of life, and this is what my song is about!

Life is only as good as the life of children. It is important to have inner species connections. Prayers come down. Great blessings for all!