Keith Symes


Keith Symes was young, but can remember his mum playing the piano and some of her brothers played various instruments, so he thinks that's what started him on his musical journey. Keith remembers one day on television, he saw an old film called the "Glen Miller Story" and was so taken back, when by pure accident, one of his members in the band hurt his lip, so he couldn't play, and Glen substituted a different instrument for the part, and he realized he had found the sound he had been searching for all that time. The fact that his music still lives on today, years after his plane vanished during the Second World War, while going to a troop concert in France, has always stayed with him. Keith has been searching for a sound ever since then-and along came Pink Floyd, and he was hooked.

Keith believes that music is like a picture painted in sound, and when combined with video, it can become very powerful. He started on guitar and later on with the advancement of technology; he started playing keyboards and played most of the parts. He made his own recordings as well as creating videos now. If Keith really enjoys a piece of music, it brings tears to his eyes and a tingle on his neck; he would love to compose a track that would give that feeling to other people!

I was approached by Georgia Paris who told me that the World Peace For Animals music fundraising project was to help animals, and being an animal lover I decided to write a song for the project.

The song and video I made was to show the beauty and grace that the wild horses in their natural surroundings have, and I think the song and video reflects the essence of their wildness. I think the world needs to look after our animals and especially the endangered species; after all, when they're gone, they are gone forever!


Runs Like Thunder