Reggie Lafaye


Reggie Lafaye loved music since the age of eleven while watching the movie "The Pink Panther." The saxophone in the opening sound track completely captivated him. He has performed on countless TV shows, jazz festivals from Canada to Mexico, the Virgin Islands, and stages such as Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, and Landmark Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Reggie performed on the St. Louis Admiral Showboat and in Nashville, on the General Jackson Showboat, Gaylord Opryland Resort and countless venues at the Grand Ole Opry. He has completed his latest musical project, released in January of 2017, consisting of a collection of forty tunes capturing the "Rat Pack Era" through the latest tunes for the 21st century.

I am honored to be a part of, "World Peace for Animals." My involvement is a very simple one, playing the saxophone for the wild mustangs in a song, "Runs Like Thunder." I've been a guardian and lover of pets for most of my life. At age 5, I received my first furry family member, a Beagle. Since that time, I have had many dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ducks, raccoons, squirrels, deer, and horses. How could anyone refuse this world statement on caring for nature's finest?

When I first received the song for "World Peace for Animals" I felt the in-depth passion from the writers and the other outstanding musicians to help bring awareness to all humanity, with respect and love in which we need, in order to have these very special gifts we call: pets and wildlife.

My message to all as quoted by Gary Kowalski, "Music is an expression of our spiritual nature, welling up from inward springs and freshets. I compare music to our precious global animals which reproduce for us the intimate essence, the tempo, and the energy of our spiritual being." We are chosen to be guardians of these blessed gifts we bring into our homes, see in our fields and parks-may we never forget our responsibility to them!


Runs Like Thunder