Rogerio Jardim


Rogerio Jardim was introduced to music since the age of two years old. He came from a family of artists and began playing drums at the age of 15, and won a few contests along the way: In 1988 Rogerio won a scholarship to represent Brazil at the International Music Camp, a summer course in North Dakota, USA, where he received the certificate of excellence in performance by the National Band Association; In 1990 he was one of the ten winners at the "Second Brazilian Drummers Contest," Sao Paulo, Brazil; In 1997 he was one of the six winners of the "Jazziz Percussionists On Fire World Contest" by JAZZIZ Magazine, USA (Judges: Peter Erskine, Paulinho Da Costa, and Dave Samuels); In 2001 his name was the Honorable Mention in the "Modern Drummer Magazine"-Undiscovered Drummer, and currently Rogerio is working on his fifth solo album, which will bring Caribbean, African, and Brazilian flavors to his music; he is very excited about this, and the album will be ready to be released in a few months.

The moment I was approached by Lois Chazen, I realized that it would be a very important and beautiful thing to do...as a matter fact, I already had a song which was 90% ready, and it was an incredible match for the project. Lois's beautiful lyrics fit the song perfectly, bringing the messages that are much needed in our world!

The song, "Winged Lovers," really represents a door to a very special phase in my career. I am really blessed to be able to express my feelings through music; therefore, the messages are portrayed from my heart to other hearts and spread the seeds of love throughout the world!

We should never look back, and always look forward, and continue to make a difference in the lives of animals and humans, and our world will become a much better place to live. I feel in my heart that we are creating something very special for them and for all of us as well.


Winged Lovers