Stan Williams


Stan Williams believes that music, unlike speech, knows no language barriers-it is unique in that it has instant universal appeal. Separate cultures and ages can appreciate elements of different music without explanations or lessons. It's this sharing of sorrow, joy, anger, or whatever the music of the moment portrays that joins groups together in a subtle common bond. At the same time, the music that draws together also triggers individual memories and experiences. Stan starts the musical conversation and the audience gives back their emotions-that is the exciting part. How Stan leads, determines if it will be a low key conversation or election. He thrives on that, and guesses that's why he is in the music business. Stan is the solo music act of the many songs and YouTube videos on "Aether Hwy."

Stan was born in Missouri in 1952, raised in Kalamazoo MI, and has traveled widely playing music, including his travels to England in 1976, performing with Mickey Gilley, an American country music singer and musician, then turned pop music artist. Stan traveled and played with Gilley to 14 cities in Canada too. Stan is also a project chemist with a B.S. in electronics and computer skills. He plays guitar, keyboards, fiddle, 5 string banjo, and mandolin. He writes and records his songs in a home studio.

I was interested in Lois Chazen's animal fundraising project because I am a vegetarian. I am against slaughter houses and raising animals for food. I do not believe in harming, abusing, or killing any animal for selfish means!

My song, "What in the World, "is about the deterioration of our earth-all nature and animals-on land, in the sea and in the air. There is so much toxicity that is causing destruction that is now irreversible-which is all wrong. The jungles seem to be the only salvation for the animals, but if the jungles are not preserved then the animals are still not safe; nothing seems safe anymore! Unfortunately it is the human species that destroys-not the animals-so why are the animals abused, tortured, and massacred? There is only one reason for all of it: UNCONSCIOUSNESS...which stems from the EGO!

I wish the WORLD would wake-up and understand that the animals are here to help us, not hurt us...but we keep hurting them for our own selfish needs, and that is insanely pathetic!

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What In The World