Stan Williams


Stan "Lone Wolf" Williams is grateful to have recorded an album with "The Outlaws" band, legendary guitarist Steve Grisham, and "Ghost Riders" drummer, Pug Baker. Over the years he met and jammed with some of the earliest musical icons he listened to on the radio, which has been incredibly rewarding, but then again, music to Stan, has always been rewarding. He began learning to play music when he was 9 years old. One day when he asked to look at one of my dad's older guitars, that he never used any more, his mom brought it to him, and much to his surprise, she proceeded to teach him how to play two songs on it; he had no idea that she even knew how to play. She taught him two old bluegrass songs "Down Yonder," and "The Wildwood Flower," and when he realized he was actually playing them-Stan was hooked!

When a friend, Georgia Paris, with whom we worked together on a movie project, mentioned this "World Peace For Animals" fundraising project, I immediately knew that I would be involved, and it would be my honor to help with this project in any way I could.

For me, my musical contribution to this project represents a way to help mistreated animals, raise awareness of their plight, and to help raise funds for "World Peace For Animals," which Lois Chazen, the brainchild and founder of this awesome project has created in order to help animals worldwide-it's her life's path, in which I'm grateful to walk with her! I would ask that people stop and look around at all the suffering that is being inflicted upon so many helpless animals, and choose to help them, and be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

I have loved animals from my earliest memory, and I have been blessed to have been loved by so many of them in return! I know for a certain that animals feel pain, experience emotions such as love, happiness, sadness, and frustration, and they are endowed with rational thought and the ability to reason.
Even if we ourselves do them no harm, but are insensitive and uncaring, so as to disregard the suffering inflicted upon them by others, then I feel a certainty we are culpable and share in the guilt, since we are all in this together as the oneness of the one!


Grandmother's Moonchild