Daniel Barber


Daniel Barber Music is Daniels preferred language as it connects him to the hearts of humans and non-humans, and brings us all a bit closer together. Daniel's been leading the "Jubilee! Community World Beat Band" in Asheville since 2001 and he led the events band, "Current Invention," for over a decade. Using a variety of instruments and playing a variety of styles, he is continually delighted by the many ways that music spreads love. In addition to playing, he now helps people liberate their creative potential through his unique method of freestyle musical improvisation he calls, "SoundYourSelf."

I feel a deep connection to animals and am continually surprised, amazed, and blessed by their deep gifts. When we disrupt and destroy the natural lives of other beings, we disrupt and damage our own lives in the process. I'm honored for the opportunity to have composed and performed the song, Harambe for "World Peace for Animals," and I pray it may help to raise consciousness and inspire even deeper connections between humans and the many other beings we share our world with."

The song is about grieving the death of the beautiful gorilla, Harambe, caused by the hand of a human being rather than naturally by a wild animal. Living, as we are, in a time of deep division, disrespect and violence, it is clearly time to learn to deal with our fears and discomforts more responsibly, i.e. in ways that respect and serve all of life. If we are to honor life, then it is up to us to decide what that means and what is requires.

In the Judeo-Christian creation story, humans are given "dominion" over the Earth." Since God ended up calling creation good, then it follows that we're given the task of taking care of life, not continuously finding more ways to demean and destroy it. May we find the joy and love we seek without making others pay a dear price (esp. the ultimate one) to ease our fears and satisfy our desires.