Denis Maltais


Denis Maltais is a Manchester native. He took guitar lessons from Gerry Kearney of WGIR fame. Gerry wrote jingles and played jazz guitar in the Big Band Era. Denis's first venture into Rock and Roll was with "The Javis Miles Band" in the late 60's and early 70's, filling local dance halls. Later, he started "The Convertibles," an all original rock power trio. "The Convertibles" played dates in clubs and college venues all over the area throughout the 90's, starting a recording studio and record label "Landfill Records" releasing a 45 record (a "big deal" at the time) managing to get air play on WBCN with a subtle bribe to a big name DJ in Boston. As time progressed Denis developed New England's famed "Shooting Star Recording Studio" in Manchester, and as a producer, engineer, and session musician, he played guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and provided vocals and harmonies on many recordings, including "The Lady in the Doorway" album by Beverly Rush, and worked with numerous NH musicians and bands. The Studio today is known by the name: Madman Digital Recording Studio, and serves as the home base for his Rock and Roll ventures "BLACKLITE Band," and an all original project, with the band "Fallen Houses!"

I became involved with "World Peace For Animals" when a friend of mine on Facebook, Georgia Paris, mentioned that they were searching for music artists who were animal lovers and would help to fundraise as well as raise consciousness through songs for the animals worldwide. I looked into what was being represented on Lois Chazen's website and her Facebook page, and I was glad to get involved, to help make a difference in the lives of animals. After reviewing dozens of songs in my battle chest I found no songs that fit the bill, so I locked myself in the studio with my Guild acoustic guitar and a Neuman Mike and wrote "Unconditional love" specifically for the project.

My song, Unconditional Love," is a story about what you feel when you first meet a puppy and bring it home into your life. Puppy's grow quickly and add relatively crazy and somewhat unpredictable elements to your life, but the Unconditional Love you get back from them, or what you get back when you include any animal in your life, is well worth it.

We learn so much from and owe the same to the animals who share this planet with us. If you allow the Unconditional Love from the inclusion of animals into your life, then maybe, just maybe, there might be a little more room in all of our hearts for each other, here on this earth, which we will share.


Unconditional Love