Georgia Paris


Georgia Paris was born and bred in Long Island, New York, and in the mid 60's, her parents relocated back to New England. During this time, she continued to submerge herself with music of different eras. In the latter '70's-'80's Georgia performed in several bands, honing her craft of back-up and lead vocals. In the latter '70's, a band by the name of "Bronin Hogman" asked her to sing backups for the first time in a recording studio; however, reality set in-she earned her degree in teaching, and music was on the back-burner for thirty two years until 2011. After purchasing the "Songwriters Market Book," Georgia decided to once again follow her musical passion. She is currently in the UK Band, "The Strawkites." Two of her songs have been published with Big Fish Music in LA, (Chuck Tennin-CEO). She was featured in the 2016 "Songwriter's Market Book" for "Big Fish Music." One of her songs will be featured on the upcoming CD by GK Holland entitled, "The Starwalkers." Georgia is also featured as a soundtrack artist for the "Two Nations" movie, and currently she is the project coordinator for "World Peace For Animals." She loves making connections with music artists from all over the world for this fundraising project for the animals.

I am greatly honored to be involved with this animal project. I've always been a huge animal activist, always doing the best to rescue any animal in need. I am intrigued with the evolution of animals and enjoy watching documentaries about the animal's psyches. I have always been portrayed as an animal lover and I am always going the distance needed to help all animals, and this is the reason I am involved in the "World Peace For Animals" project. Not only do animals maintain the natural environment of Earth, but they have served economical and educational purposes as well as work and transport. The "World Peace For Animals" goal is to make a difference in the lives of the animals by contributions to sanctuaries and so much more.

I am the vocalist as well as the co-writer with Lois Chazen for a song called, "Runs Like Thunder," with Keith Symes (Strawkites), John Heinrich, (Ronnie Milsap Band), and Reggie Lafaye (Nationally Acclaimed Saxophonist). The song is about the plight and characteristics of the "wild mustangs." I was saddened by the fact that over a hundred years ago, there were approximately two million wild mustangs on the North American terrain. Now the number has dwindled down to less than 25,000! We have to make changes now, or they remain on the endangered list. The mustang represents power, agility, strength, independence, and grace; I connect to this incredible animal as well as all the animals. My hope is that more wild mustangs will be rescued, rehabilitated, and adopted. We appreciate those individuals and organizations that are dedicated to saving the domestic and wild mustangs from neglect, abuse and slaughter.

I pray that the world begins to see all animals as a unique gift: giving us unconditional love, helping us through the trials and tribulations of life, and making us better people. They are not judgmental and are agreeable. They awaken our souls and have healing powers. They have the right to be on this planet. Animals communicate messages to the world without any verbal mode. The interaction between pets and their owners reflect a form of spoken dialogue. Without animals, what is the value of our lives?


Runs Like Thunder