Hank Wagner


Hank "Coyote" Wagner leader and producer of the band "Coyote Love" began his career as an Actor/Musician (Cast member of HBO's "Oz" and hit international live show "De La Guarda 'Villa Villa"). After the birth of his child, Mr. Coyote chose to unite his passions for ancient wisdom, the natural world, and music in the band Coyote Love, and since then the band has traveled, from the Caribbean to Upstate NY, sharing their brand of blues-based funkrockin' explosive music. Often listed as the #1 act in NYC for both the Indie category and the Blues category on reverbnation.com, Coyote Love's new record, "I'm Breaking Down," features the guitar styling of Clifford "Moonie" Pusey, the bass of Fred Thomas (James Brown/The JB's), and arrangements by Andy Neesley of "Jesus On The Mainline."

I signed on to the World Peace for Animals project as soon as I heard about the mission and compilation. Loving wildlife and music as I do, it was a "no brainer" when asked to participate.

Lois's lyrics make me think about the realities of organized animal slaughter, as sanctioned by both Federal and State governments. We, as humans shun "genocide," however if you learn to see flora and fauna on earth as your kin...then the needless slaughter of any of our animal family is the same thing...genocide.

We are part of a vast, fragile network. Humans may have many gifts, but we are not better than, more valuable than, or more integral to the network of life on Earth than any other species. Nature has created a perfect balance and only one species on Earth has threatened that balance; and that species is we, the human race! It is high time that we find our place in the flow of nature and stop chopping of our nose, to spite our face. Our grandchildren's, grandchildren's lives depend on it.


Peace No More