Jay Jourden


Jay "Blue Jay" Jourden is a songwriter's songwriter. He always has a way of connecting his listeners to whatever he's singing about. From his early hits and dance tracks of the late 70's, "Dance, Dance, Dance, With Me" (1979) and "Don't Get Lost In The Dark," to his current-rock, blues, country, pop spoken word, professional sports, political tribute and issue songs of today, he reaches his targeted audiences with his trademark, multi genre skills, and they get the message. He has appeared in concerts nationwide and worldwide, appeared on radio and television, at hundreds of benefit shows for such diverse groups and causes such as, The American Indian Movement, The National Society For The Prevention Of Blindness, No Nukes, Ross Perot, Rainy Day Inc., The Cinema Verde International Film Festival, and others.

I was invited to create a song for "World Peace For Animals" by Project Coordinator, Georgia Paris and Founder, Lois Chazen. We all need to do more to help animals, who have rights as we do as humans, and work to ensure that they are treated humanely and with respect.

This is a chance to bring awareness, through "Mafi's Song" (Song of the Moon Bear), to the plight for the Moon Bears in Indonesia, China, and Vietnam, who suffer horrifically at the hands of man, lying for decades on their backs in crush cages with bamboo shafts inserted in their bile ducts that is extracted for commercial gains and profits!

We must all recognize that all living beings in the animal world have rights. They are an integral part of our own {mankind} survival and if we use, abuse, and lose, them one species at a time through inhumane treatment and illogical work partnerships, then we actually contribute to our own demise and eventual extinction. Man is not above the potential for extinction as a species.


MAFI'S SONG Song of the Moon Bear