Natalie Jean


Natalie Jean as a young child, used to sing along with her father, Guy R. Jean, a famous Haitian artist, in her home. Natalie started her career by writing poetry; however, music has always been her passion. In April of 2013, she released her first CD entitled, "Obsession." In 2014, she released her second album, a self-titled album, "Natalie Jean." In 2015, she released her third album, a Pop French album called "Lecons D'Amour." In 2016, she released her fourth album, a Pop album called, "Unafraid." She has performed at countless venues. Natalie is an award winning multi-nominated artist, and a singer songwriter who performs and writes for many genres, including Jazz, Pop, Dance, Contemporary, R&B, Blues, and Rap. She also sings in French, Spanish, English, and Creole. Natalie has been nominated over fifty times for her music. She is also a Grammy voting member.

I signed on to the World Peace For Animals project, because I have love and passion for the animals. I felt this project was an opportunity to help raise funds for the animals around the world, and helping to raise human consciousness as well.

Lois's lyrics are spiritual in nature. The irony is that I am also an interfaith minister. The words that she used in the song represented my belief system in an amazing way. We are all part of the One-the Oneness of the One!

Animals are amazing. Every day, I watch videos of animals doing incredible things: from reviving other animal friends when hit by a car, helping a human suffering from seizures, helping military soldiers cope with PTSD, nursing abandoned animals, or just simply being a loving companion. Animals feel and need to be loved, just like humans. We could learn so much from the animal kingdom, and through their love we can help heal the world with our love and to find only compassion in our hearts for them.

As Within So Without