Peter Webb


Peter Webb is a lyricist from Manchester UK. He enjoys writing words; he likes to know that his lyrics will help make a difference in many lives, including the animals. Peter enjoys writing about love and pain and everyday things, and he finds writing is a great way to think out loud and is also a useful tool to bring peoples attention to what goes on in this world. His lyrics can be found on songs co-written with Michael Turner; they have completed over sixty songs together since October 2010. Peter has also written with other artists as well. Writing lyrics is something that he has always wanted to do. He thanks Michael Turner for bringing his lyrics to life through composing, producing, and performance of the songs they have done together.

I heard about "World Peace For Animals" and thought, "What an awesome project," and then I wanted to get involved and contribute something that could make a difference in the lives of animals. There are many aspects to be considered in this project-from the mistreatment of animals-to the cruelty, neglect and abandonment of animals. There is no place for this to exist in our world. We are humans, we need to act like humans, and get the message across world wide that the animals in our world need to be respected and loved!

Our song, "I Found Paradise," looks at the differences between the two worlds that today's animals live in: comparing animals living in captivity, to those living wild and free. The song touches on someone who experiences a trip to the jungle, where they begin to feel for the animals and wanting them to have the chance of freedom like those who live free under the skies in paradise.

My message is, to think twice on how we treat the animals in our world. They were placed here to be loved and treated with respect. They bring so much joy. Let's open our hearts to them and show them what love means. There is no room for anyone in this world mistreating animals. Let's hope the release of all these songs from such talented individuals can reach out and show the animals that the people of this world care about them! Music is a powerful message...just listen to the messages in the songs that bring all the positives of love and peace!


I Found My Paradise